Become a judge

Being a jury member at Winelovers Wine Awards is hard work, requires concentration, experience, unbiased attention and humble attitude towards the wines. However, at the same time, it is also a great opportunity for networking, discovering new varieties, learning at masterclasses, and enjoying the stunning beauty of Budapest.

Our jury members are rigorously selected, but if you are a qualified, experienced wine professional in an influential position and you wish to participate in the 2024 edition of WWA, please provide information about you here. The organizing board will revise all the enquiries and will carefully select 2024 jury members.

Personal data

Added value to the competition

I. Qualification (professional only) (multiple answers can be selected)
II. Position and/or role in distribution (multiple answers can be selected)
III. Wine competitions as jury member (multiple answers can be selected)
IV. Potential marketing activity - Please, check only the options where you are able and willing to provide effective help!

(Please, sign maximum 3 countries where you have personal or professional connection with wineries and/or wine communities and/or wine marketing boards.)

(Please, give us some comments and details by country /wine region / wine style you are interested in!)

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