2024 Buyers

Attila Szunomar

The Netherlands / Belgium / Hungary

Distribution & sales (on-trade)

Owner, Magyar Íz (being established)

Attila was born in Hungary and grew up in the Netherlands. As a child, he often joined his grandmother in the kitchen as she was a chef in a restaurant in Budapest. Through this, he developed a taste for hungarian cuisine and later wine. In 2004 he started a company in Holland called Lekkers Uit Hongary, one of the first companies completely focused on importing high quality hungarian wine and delicacies. This company grew into one of the biggest in Holland and in 2023 he sold this business as he moved back to Hungary again. As his passion for fine wine and delicacies did not go away, he soon picked up the idea to set up a new company together with his good friend and fellow wine lover, Mark Tito. This new company called Magyar Íz will start its activities in 2024 and is focused again on high quality wine and special delicacies from Mangalica and Grey Cattle.

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