2024 Jury

Jury members

Brendt Wucherer


DipWSET in Wines and Spirits, Weinakademiker, Dpl. Sommelier, Expert

Wine Educator and Consultant, Partner at Weinboutique & Weininstitut Ehrliche Münchner

Brendt Wucherer lives in Munich, Germany, on two maybe not so different planets. Running BSS Corporation Development, a transformation consultancy company, is the non wine part. The Wine part startet around 1985 when he joined his late friend Wolfgang in his wine store. After moving to a new location he startet the wine institute and the wine boutique Ehrliche Münchner together with Renate Joas. Certified as Sommelier after WSET L3 in 2012, completing DipWSET on wines and spirits in 2022, he is teaching about wines from round the world and has specialized on Wine & Food Pairing, as was his thesis for Weinakademiker. Working as part time juror at different competitions for diary products, liquors, beer and of course wine. He is currently undergoing the Sake education because he is specializing in pairing any beverages to menus. As a passionate cook in several cookery circles or at his food pairings, he has acquired a great deal of experience.

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