Promote your wine in Hungary

Facts about the Hungarian wine market

  • The Hungarian wine market is a growing market: according to Statista, it is expected to grow by 10.75% annually.
  • By 2025, 46% of spending and 33% of volume consumption in the wine segment in Hungary will be attributable to on-premise consumption (bars and restaurants).
  • Hungary usually ranks between 20th and 25th in the world in terms of per capita wine consumption.
  • The number of wine schools, wine events and wine bars has increased significantly: thus, there is a new, emerging segment of keen wine connoisseurs.
  • These educated wine lovers are open to wines from other countries and enjoy discovering new varieties.

Commercial appearances regarding the Awards

As mentioned in the Publicity section, Winelovers Wine Awards will be covered in many communication channels and offers a wide range of online, print and event appearances for wine brands as follows.

Print: advertisements, articles, reports

Online: advertisements, articles, reports, posts

  • Winelovers Wine Awards digital magazine
    Distributed to at least 4,000 trade members (importers, merchants, HoReCa members, wine writers)
    Publication date: 25 July
  • Vinoport the leading wine portal for wine experts in Hungary
    60,000 monthly visitors (mainly trade)
  • Vinoport newsletters 
    70,000 newsletter subscribers (mainly trade)
  • Borászportál the leading wine portal for wine consumers in Hungary 
    100,000 monthly visitors (mainly consumers)
  • Borászportál newsletters 
    95,000 newsletter subscribers (mainly consumers)
  • Vinoport, Borászportál, Winelovers (Facebook, Instagram, Blog)
    100,000 monthly visitors combined (mainly consumers)
    Continuous communication from April 2022 to September 2022

Events: banners, rollups, handouts, wines for tastings

  • Winelovers Wine Awards masterclasses
    300 visitors (trade and educated consumers) 
    Date: 20–21 June 2022
    Venue: Continental Hotel Budapest, Hungary
  • Winelovers Expo
    50+ jury members and 200 visitors (trade and educated consumers) 
    Date: 22 June 2022
    Venue: Continental Hotel Budapest, Hungary
  • Winelovers 100 Grand Tasting
    500 visitors (trade and educated consumers) 
    Date: 17 September 2022
    Venue: Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Hungary

Other possibilities for commercial appearances

As the Trinety Media group offers a wide variety of communication channels, wine brands can reach Hungarian experts, traders, and also wine consumers through its assets. The above online portals, social media sites, blogs, and newsletters are available irrespective of the contest. Moreover, the following opportunities should also be considered.

Events and classes: exclusive tastings, wines for tastings, lectures

  • Borkollégium: leading wine school 
    5,000 visitors (class attendees, tasting guests) annually at wine courses and masterclasses
    Venue: own property in the city centre
  • Winelovers Events popular tasting events in Hungary
    500-1,500 visitors (trade and educated consumers) per event
    Venue: exclusive hotels in Budapest, Hungary

Contact information

If you would like to promote your wines in Hungary, please contact:
Dániel TOMOR
+36 70 321 48 94

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