Buyers' Program in Budapest is open to apply

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Spice up your portfolio with Central Eastern European wines!

The international wine contest Winelovers Wine Awards has rapidly gained importance all over Europe partially due to its outstanding list of jury members, and also because of the excellent masterclasses and other side events. This year the organizers launch Buyers' Program, a unique opportunity for buyers, importers and distributors to indulge in the wines of a "new old world" without the burden of organizing travel and meetings.
Date: 28–30 June 2024
Venue: Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Hungary
Deadline for application: 29 February 2024 
The unknown is trendy
The educated wine consumer always looks for something new, and in case of the Gen Z being adventurous is undoubtedly the main driving force. Central Eastern Europe has an exciting, colourful wine scene with less known grape varieties, thousand-year-old traditions, devoted winemakers and stories that sell the wines. More and more importers decide to add something unknown to their "usual" French, Spanish, Italian or New World wines, since they realize that a new generation of wine connoisseurs has emerged: they are eager to discover, and they are not reluctant to learn to pronounce weird names of grape varieties. "Cserszegi Fűszeres" of Hungary is a challenge they are happy to accept, they are curious about the story of the Romanian Fetească Neagră (meaning Black Maiden) and once they have tasted, they want to know more about the Czech Pálava. Hungary is a gateway between East and West, in Budapest the participants of the Buyers' Program can get a deep insight of Hungarian wines, but not exclusively: other Central Eastern European countries will also share the limelight.
Find the X factor 
Hosted Buyer Program of Winelovers Wine Awards offers multiple opportunities to taste, meet, learn and network. Welcome dinner, B2B meetings, masterclasses, walking tasting – all arranged to provide whatever a buyer might need. Winelovers X is one of the side events with winemakers pouring their own wines for professionals – X stands for the experts but also for the X factor we all look for in a wine.
Arranging a travel to a target country is a hassle: queuing to rent a car at the airport, finding acceptable accommodation close to the winery to visit, getting along in a country with a strange language – it is a nightmare, isn't it? Organizers of Winelovers Wine Awards take the burden over and arrange everything from travel to meetings. Plus, they help find the most suitable wineries to start with and give advice and help in case a participants would like to extend his stay.
More about Winelovers Wine Awards
The international wine contest and its side events are organized by Trinety Media Ltd, an independent company with a long history in the wine business. The Buyers' Program is funded by the company without any governmental subsidy or sponsorship. Winelovers Wine Awards is devoted to promote the wines of Central Eastern Europe, and the Buyers' Program is an excellent initiative to gain more recognition to the wines of the region.
Trinety Media Ltd is a market leading group in Hungary with a complex portfolio including online wine publications, consumer events, a WSET APP wine school and a wine webshop. The owner and CEO of the portfolio, István Tábor, is an economist, lawyer and one of the most educated wine experts in Hungary.

More about Winelovers Wine Awards international wine contest and the Buyers' Program:

Upcoming key dates

  • 18 June 2024 Entry deadline
  • 28 June 2024 Judging
  • 28 June 2024 Masterclasses and exclusive tastings
  • 29 June 2024 Judging

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