Interview with chief executive of the organiser on the British The Buyer online magazine

"Interested in Central European wines? Looking to branch into more countries, but are not sure how to start? Well the Winelovers Wine Awards could have the answer. It has started a new Wine Buyers Program that is designed to bring buyers directly in contact with producers and wineries across Central Europe." – this is how the recently published interview with István Tábor begins.

"We know arranging travel to a target country can be a hassle: queuing to rent car at the airport, finding acceptable accommodation close to the winery to visit, getting around a country with a different language – it can be a nightmare. The organisers of Winelovers Wine Awards take the burden over and arrange everything from travel to meetings. Plus, they help find the most suitable wineries to start with and give advice and help in case participants would like to extend their stay."

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  • 18 June 2024 Entry deadline
  • 28 June 2024 Judging
  • 28 June 2024 Masterclasses and exclusive tastings
  • 29 June 2024 Judging

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