Schieber Winery from Szekszárd: 17 medals in two years

Szerző: Ágnes Németh

Kadarka street 100 is the address of Schieber Winery. This address is predestined to be a wine estate! Schieber Winery was founded n 2010 with 25 hectares in Szekszárd wine region, now they own 54 hectares, out of which 18.4 hectares are cultivated organically. 
42 hectares are located right at the estate buildings – which is not typical at all in Szekszárd. We were talking with Anita Schieber, the owner of the winery.

In 2022 Schieber Winery received 5 medals (a gold for Tabu Syrah) while in 2023 you won 1 gold, 3 silver and 8 bronze medals. With this result you are one of the most successful wineries of Winelovers Wine Awards. What made you enter this contest two years ago?
We are regular exhibitors at the Winelovers' events, so we have first-hand experience about the quality standard and the professionalism of the company. And the other argument was and is the jury: it is great to see so many foreign wine experts from every field of the wine world. In many wine contests the majority of the judges are winemakers, however, at Winelovers Wine Awards most of the jury members are experts, educators, sommeliers with immense tasting experiences.
In the last edition Schieber Tabu Merlot 2019 won gold medal with 90 pts. Tell us more about this wine. 
Tabu is the premium range of the estate, these wines are made only in outstanding vintages, only from Tabu vineyard in Baranya valley. The selected fruit comes from the best terraces with yield control. Intense, complex, full bodied wine, concentrated wine with notes of blackberry, blueberry, chocolate, cognac soaked sour cherry and prunes. A balanced, elegant, long lasting, unforgettable wine indeed. 

So Tabu ('Taboo') is a precious vineyard of you, isn't it?
Yes, it is our most precious vineyard, it is worth an article in itself. When we became the owners in 2013, it was covered with forest. We did some research and it turned out that during the Austro–Hungarian Empire, it was a first-class vineyard. However, during the Communist era forest was planted here, because it is too steep and in those times they did not want to bother with this costly vineyard. We planted carefully selected varieties in two parts in 2018 and 2019 after thorough soil reconstruction. Now we cultivate this vineyard organically.

Do you find any difference in your organic and non-organic wines?
Absolutely. With the organic cultivation much more of the original characteristics of the plant and the soil remain unchanged. I find organic wines more complex, more subtle in details.
Your 'Narancsbor' (Orange wine) received a bronze medal in 2022 with quite high scores, 86 pts. Usually orange wines are not appreciated in blind tastings, what is your secret?
This wine was inspired by our trip to Georgia, however, we did not age it in amphora, because we don't have any. This wine is made of Sauvignon Gris, a resistant grape variety. The whole berries were fermented without crushing and it was aged in barrel. Unfined, unfiltered and no sulphur was added. Only 1000 bottles were made, it is available only at the winery, but yet it is quite popular, all the guests want to taste it and they like it a lot. 
Your chief winemaker is József Rappay. How long have you been working together? How much freedom do you give him? Or do you make the important decisions with together? 
We have worked with 'Jocó' ('József') since 2018 óta. He is very talented, and he has been selected The Young Winemaker of the Year in Szekszárd. He is in charge of the everyday tasks and in many duties, he has the freedom to make a decision. But when it comes to blending or to defining the style of a wine, the whole team tastes together. 

Yes, I saw each team membered featured with photo on your website, it is a kind gesture. Even the person in charge of the store room is introduced. 
It is true, and from time to time we taste together and talk through everything. Team work is very important for us. Gergő Avramucz, the gastronomy manager also tastes very well, we are glad to have him in the team.
The estate is located in a group of classicist buildings, and you also operate a restaurant called Patina. Is it open every day? 
No, it is open for events, and our regulars like it very much. The next big event is going to be a whole day event starting with wine tasting in Tabu vineyard. It is quite relaxed, we talk and taste among the vines – we realized that our guests prefer this relaxed way of tasting instead of the more formal, seated tasting. Then there is a lunch, winery visit and at the event even music and dance are involved... It will take place on 8 June this year. 

More about Schieber wines (in Hungarian, but google can help)


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