Teresa, the wine educator, who inspired 17 thousand people

Teresa Gomes, one of our renowned jury members provides independent and personalized wine services as a Sommelier & Wine Educator to companies and individuals. Since 2004, she has inspired almost 17 thousand people to enjoy Portuguese Wine, making it accessible and exciting for the beginner to the connoisseur. Now, we have asked her about Hungarian and other Central Eastern European wines in Portugal. Here is what she said:


– Hungarian wines are not easy to find in Portugal. Some fine wine shops carry Tokaj Aszú, and a very few of them offer still or sparkling wines as well.
Portuguese people might be aware of Hungarian white and red wines, but they have never tasted them. So, when someone mentions Hungarian wines, there is a lot of curiosity.
– I tasted Hungarian wines for the very first time at Vinexpo New York in 2002. I attended a masterclass and loved it so much that I signed up for a second one the following day.
More recently, at the invitation of the Hungarian Embassy in Portugal, I have participated in annual tastings for sommeliers and journalists. The good news is that the embassy has shown great interest since last April in bringing more Hungarian wines to Portugal.
– Regarding other Central Eastern European wines, Georgian wines made in Kvevri are more common in Portugal, especially in natural wine bars and modern eateries. Portuguese wines made in amphorae (called Talha in the Alentejo wine region) are popular among wine lovers, so there is also interest in Georgian wines. This awareness is also supported by Georgian restaurants in Portugal and a Georgian distributor.
Moldovan wines are also available in Portugal due to the work of a Moldovan distributor. Some are available in supermarkets, especially the sweet wines.
Other wines from Central Eastern European countries might be available in Portugal in restaurants specializing in the cuisine of those countries, but I have not had the chance to taste them yet.

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